Sunday, March 1, 2015

Divorce Attorney Joliet

If you are looking for a divorce attorney in Joliet, you need the law office of DeVriendt & Associates.  Our attorney’s understand that divorce is very emotional for everyone involved, with significant financial and emotional impact no matter how amicable.  We give you the straight forward honest representation you need.

We understand that every situation is unique.  As a divorce attorney, we will listen to all your concerns and clearly explain all your options. Our first priority is the welfare of the children involved in a divorce.  We have extensive experience negotiating issues of child custody, child support and visitation. In addition, we have experience handling forensic accounting to ensure that property and spousal support are based upon all marital assets. 

You need a law firm with the experience to represent you in this stressful time. Whether you are fighting for your children or your ability to earn a living, call us today when you are looking for a divorce attorney in Joliet.  


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