Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Prenuptial Attorney Joliet

When you are considering marriage, it’s a joyous time and a hope for a happy life together.  In legal terms, marriage is a contract with financial rights and obligations.  A prenuptial agreement helps to define the obligations of both parties in the event of divorce or death.  If you need a prenuptial attorney in Joliet, contact DeVriendt & Associates.

Communication is the key to any marriage.  Communicating about financial matters is extremely important.  Creating a prenuptial agreement together provides a strong base for the future.  There are many reasons to create a prenuptial agreement such as; you inherited money, you make more money, you have children from a previous marriage or you own your own business to name a few.

If you are getting married and need a prenuptial attorney in Joliet, contact our office today.  It’s important to have a prenuptial attorney on your side.  Call to schedule your consultation today.  A prenuptial agreement may help protect this future.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Joliet Family Law Firm

Divorce touches every aspect of the family.  At DeVriendt & Associates Family Law we realize making the decision to hire a family law firm is a difficult one.  We are a team of caring, competent professionals with the skill and wisdom to represent you in this emotional time.  If you are looking in Joliet for a family law firm, call our firm today.

We take the time to understand all the details of your case.  We then come up with a plan that is straight forward and clear to help reduce the stress.  We also understand the welfare of the children hangs in the balance. We will guide you through the complex issues of spousal /child support, divorce, child custody and property division. Our forensic accountants have the expertise needed to protect your retirement accounts and inheritances.  As a Joliet family law firm we offer the expert representation you need.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Joliet Divorce Lawyer

Whether contested or uncontested, divorce has significant personal, financial, and emotional impact on everyone involved.  The attorney’s at DeVriendt & Associates understand what a highly emotional topic divorce is.  If you are involved in a divorce and need a Joliet divorce lawyer schedule a consultation today.

We provide the honest and straightforward legal representation this delicate situation requires. .  As a Joliet divorce lawyer, we handle everything from financial assets to child support and visitation.  Too often the children become pawns in this battle. We have experience negotiating issues to protect the children involved.    

We handle your financial and personal affairs with the attention to detail you need to ensure that any disputes associated with your case are given proper consideration.  We also have extensive experience in forensic accounting.   When you need a Joliet divorce lawyer contact our firm today.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Joliet Divorce Attorney

As Joliet divorce attorneys, we understand that divorce is a highly emotional time in an individual’s life. At DeVriendt & Associates, we specialize in Family Law, Divorce Law and Child Custody. If you are involved in a divorce and need a Joliet divorce attorney, we offer the representation you need.

We provide honest, straightforward legal advice and representation for this delicate situation.  As a divorce attorney, we handle child custody and financial obligations with extensive experience in forensic accounting and child law.  We work to protect retirement accounts and inheritances.

Divorce has significant financial and emotional impact whether contested or uncontested.  We pay attention to detail necessary to ensure that any disputes associated with your case are given proper consideration.   When you are looking for a Joliet divorce attorney, schedule your consultation today for honest, straightforward legal advice.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Female Divorce Lawyer Joliet

At DeVreidt and Associates attorneys provide honest, straight forward advice to our clients.  If you need a female divorce attorney in Joliet our firm has what you need. 
As a female divorce attorney we understand that every situation is unique. When you are going through a divorce there are significant financial and emotional impacts. We have extensive experience negotiating issues of child support, child custody and visitation.  In addition, we have experience handling forensic accounting.

Our attorneys will listen to all your concerns and clearly explain all your options. Whether you are fighting for your children or your ability to earn a living we will provide the support you need.  When you are looking for female divorce attorney in Joliet, we are the firm you need.