Saturday, February 7, 2015

Family Law Attorney Joliet

Negotiating property divisions and parental rights can be an intense and lengthy process.  It’s important to hire the right family law attorney when you need help.  At Devriendt & Associates we understand making the decision to hire a family attorney can be emotional.  If you are considering divorce or have been served divorce papers and need a family attorney in Joliet, contact our firm today.

We understand that a divorce touches every aspect of the lives of the individuals involved.  Finding an experienced and compassionate attorney is imperative.  We work closely to develop effective strategies to protect all your assets and your children.  We are well versed in child custody, visitation and child support.
We have extensive experience representing clients whose former spouse failed to follow through with the terms of the divorce agreement.  During this emotional time it’s important to have a family law attorney who is compassionate and attentive to your personal circumstance.  Schedule your consultation today if you are looking for a family law attorney in Joliet.

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