Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Family Law Firm Joliet

If you and your spouse have already worked out the terms of your divorce and just need to make it official, Devriendt & Associates Family Law can help.  We are a family law firm in Joliet specializing in divorce representation, child custody and family law.

If you are hiring a family law firm, you need one that is well versed in this type of law and attentive to your personal circumstance.  We realize making the decision to hire a family lawyer is a difficult one because divorce touches every aspect of their lives.  

We want our clients to maintain their lifestyles so we work closely to develop effective strategies to protect inheritances and 401Ks.  We also understand that children are in the middle during a divorce.  Our skilled staff will work closely to protect the child’s interest.  If you have been served divorce papers or are considering divorce and need a family law firm in Joliet, contact Devriendt & Associates Family Law.

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