Saturday, May 31, 2014

Women Divorce Attorney Joliet

As a woman, it is a comfort to have a woman divorce attorney on your side.  When you want straight forward honest female representation call DeVriendt & Associates today.  We understand that each and every situation is unique.

A divorce is highly emotional and devastating for all parties involved especially the children.  As a woman divorce attorney in Joliet, our first priority is the welfare of the children involved.  We have experience negotiating issues of child support, child custody and visitation.  

In addition, we have extensive experience handling forensic accounting to ensure that property and spousal support are split fairly between all parties involved.  You will always be provided with the honest answers you need.  We take the time to listen to all your concerns and clearly explain your options.  Whether you are fighting for your ability to earn a living or fighting for your children and need a woman divorce attorney in Joliet, schedule a consultation today.

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